Sri Lankan Heritage proudly presenting the natural products originating from Sri Lanka for the benefit of its consumers. World best pure Ceylon cinnamon (Cinamomum zylanicum / Cinnamomum verum) is indigenous to Sri Lanka, a moderately size bushy ever green tree. The "Cinnamomum verum" tree comes from the family Lauraceae. Naturally dried inner bark of the tree comes to the market through a hand crafted process. The quills are specially prepared in a way that is unique to Sri Lanka. Over centuries this skill has been transferred from generation to generation. Cinnamon powder is made by grounding the pure Ceylon cinnamon. The final products are available as a valuable spice that contains sweet taste and confirmed health advantages. Due to its unique aroma, quality, health benefits and ultra-low coumarin value, Ceylon cinnamon has received extensive reputation in the global market.

Varieties of Cinnamon
Cinnamon is categorized according to the physical location of grown and its chemical characteristics. Though all of these varieties are available in the market under the same name of cinnamon there is significant differences with regard to their physical, scientific and chemical features of Ceylon cinnamon and cassia
Name Botanical Name Image
Cinnamomum zeylanicum / Cinnamomum verum Cinnamomum zeylanicum / Cinnamomum verum
Chinese cassia (Chinese cinnamon) Cinnamomum cassia
Vietnamese cassia (Saigon/ Vietnamese cinnamon) Cinnamomum loureiro
Indonesian cassia (Korintje Cinnamon) Cinnamomum burmannii


  • Cinnamon and cinnamon extracts have been scientifically proved its medicinal values and qualities and uses for various illnesses. Ayurveda medicine, Indian medicine, Chinese medicine and many other countries' indigenous and traditional medicines have used cinnamon as a medicine to cure many illnesses for thousands of years.


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